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Monday, October 15, 2012

Interesting cat books, ramblings.

Okay, I admit I'm into books, and found a lot of great cat books over the years.  Recently, my kids have been into the Warrior's series, and I've snuck a read too.  The "cat who" series was and is great, and I still love  all the little stocking stuffer books I get.  However, on the serious side most books have been dry.  Recently I read cat Vs cat by Oan Johnson-Bennett, and it was interesting.  Also, naughty no more! by Marilyn Krieger.  One that was recommended, and I haven't read yet, is The veterinarian's guide to your cat's symptoms by Michael Garvey DVM.  Will have to find that oneand read it.

In the past Acupressure for cats and Tellington touch for pets were good reads that my cats enjoyed as well.  I suspect if they knew how to read they'd be dropping those under my feet as reminders all the time.

A series I've been trying to re-find is about telepathic cats and their companions.  One set was in space and the other on a planet.  Unfortunately, this hasn't been enough to find either set yet.

Recently attended a continuing education conference and received some recommendations, so will post those in the future if I find any worthwhile additions.

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