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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The basics for spring.

HAPPY EASTER!!!!   Beware the lilies, candy, and fake grass.  They are either toxic, cause GI trauma, or just plain bad.  Don't forget to "child"-proof your pet during the holidays and activities.  Keep the rich food handouts to a minimum also, as these can cause the dread pancreatitis.  I usually invest in some new chew toys for the dogs to keep them busy during the egg hunts (yes they re-hide them multiple times) and other festivities.

Due to the wonderful weather, the musquitoes are early in my territory, so I've already started my dogs on their heartworm preventive.  Look around, if yours are out also, get the going.  The test is a single drop and done on dogs greater than 6 months old, the puppies under 6 months can just start on the preventive this year and worry about testing next year.  ( This is due to the life-cycle of the heartworm and the 6 month lag time between infection and positive test results.)

Don't forget to brush those teeth, doggy enzymatic toothpaste is still the best for all our pets, avoid anything with xylitol (the diabetic artificial sweetener is toxic to pets) and fluoride (they swallow it and mess up their bones).

Regular yearly vaccines (rabies and DAPP for most, though water dogs need lepto) keep the viruses away, but don't forget all the cool parasites they can pick up.  Colorado is slightly limited, but that doesn't mean we don't have roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, giardia, and etc in our environs.  If your pet hunts or visits moist areas where wildlife have been, they are at risk.  Also, use the tick repellants if you're planning on camping with the pets.  If you board them, don't forget the bordetella vaccine.  The influenza vaccine is available at some select locations, but I still don't have it at this time, ask me about it if you're interested.

Now that it's warmer, the plants are blooming, and so are allergies.  Allergies are additive, so the comfortable winter dog may suddenly scratch everywhere when the pollen rises.  Remember to dry out the ears after swimming, and just wipe them out with dry cotton (not cotton tip applicators) to check for smell and discharge.  Decreasing the symptoms of allergies, can make the whole dog more comfortable even when not completely controlled.  Cleaning the ears and keeping them dry, using hypoallergenic doggy shampoo for baths to soothe (yes there are also medicated ones), starting an antihistamine (ask before you try ANY, some aren't good for our pets), avoiding high pollen areas, double rinsing the bedding and decreasing the allergens tracked in from outside, filtering the inhalant allergens out of the air, etc are all great strategies for helping your pet feel better during this trying time.  If you have more pressing needs, don't forget to make an appointment and we can talk, or test, and treat.

Not forgetting the kitties, if they just can't keep their tootsies inside the house, institute door routines, add a micro-chip, and make sure they're current on their vaccines.  Having up-to-date pictures for emergencies doesn't hurt either, just in case all your best plans fail and they escape.  If you already have a chip in, recheck that all the information is correct on the websites.  Contact me for more info on that.  also, with the bugs and spiders active, some inquisitive minds and paws chase and capture not-so-nice critters.  Reactions can happen, rinse, call the vet, and watch for anything abnormal if no toxins were available.  If in doubt, testing may give you peace of mind if a toxin could have been found (outside, for instance).

That seems to be all the high points of questions at this time of year, so send more if you have them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The newer vaccine clinics

 Sorry I've been away for so long, doesn't seem like time flew that fast.  The future clinics are as follows - CRM is Colorado Ranch Market at I-70 & Pecos  (North east corner)
64th and Simms is at Super Tees on the corner above the stoplight  (North west side)
Golden Mill is the upper parking lot on 10th and Ford in downtown Golden.  (upper parking lot)

 CRM  -  Apr 1 Sun 12-3p, Apr 2 Mon 12-4.
Apr 8 EASTER!!!
64th  -  Apr 15 Sun 12-3p,  Mon Apr 16,  12-4p.  Cancelled after this.
Golden - Apr 22, 3-6p,  Apr 23, 1-5p.        NEW TIMES!!!!
CRM - Apr 29, 12-3p, Apr 30, 2-6p.

I'm trying some new times to see if it helps anyone get in and do the vaccines or heartworm testing for spring.  Let me know if you hate or love it in an e-mail to
These dates and times do have some changes sometimes, but not often.  Call 303-279-2322 if you have any questions, or may run a little late.