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Monday, March 10, 2014

The vaccine clinics for 2014

The clinics in Golden are staying with the Golden Mill at 10th and Ford - go visit them for a nice down home experience shopping for your pets.
I've moved my clinics for Denver to American Canine Academy, this is a training and boarding facility across from the Denver Flea Mart.  They are on 88th Ave off of I-76 North, stay right when you exit (heed the no turn on red sign they ticket a lot there), and proceed toward the flea market entrance.   On the right you see a blue house, the ACA is the gate just beyond the house.  I'm in my trailer.

The Gilpin County fair, and other dates to be announced may add in during the summer.

I've standardized most of the weekends for clinics to the first weekend of each month.
The Friday/Saturday I'm at the ACA, USUALLY 2-6pm and 9-1am.  Call to be sure, the Apr will both be pm hours.
The GM is on the first Sunday/Monday, usually 2-6pm both days.  Again call for specifics.

Sometimes a holiday or oddness will happen, then the dates get switched.  Sorry, I try not to do this often but it does happen.

Apr 4-5 ACA 2-6, 2-5, pm both days
Apr 6-7 GM  2-6 both days

May 2-3 ACA 2-6, 9-1.
May 4-5 GM 2-6 both.

Jun 4-5   ACA 2-6, 9-1.
June 6-7   GM  2-6 both.

July 4-5  ACA  2-6, 9-1,
July 6-7  GM  2-6 both.

Aug 1-2  ACA  2-6, 9-1.
Aug 3-4  GM  2-6 both.