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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New site found

I've added a new site in May.  The old Arvada site is not feasible, and nothing close-by was either.  So I'm sorry but the closest of my 2 old sites (Colorado Ranch Market or Golden Mill) will continue for that area.  As always I'm available for mobile at 303-279-2322.
The new site is at the Gilpin Recreation center.  This is 17 miles up Golden Gate Canyon Rd, in the Exhibit hall barn.  I will be there May 20 12-4p, and May 21 4:30p-8p.
                               June 10 12-4p, and June 11 4:30-8p.  Their community flea market is June 8,9 9a-4p.
                               July 22 12-4p, and July 23 4-8p.
                               Aug 19 9a-4p in the County Fair, and Aug 20 4-8p.
I will be deciding after this if this site will continue in winter on the same schedule or at all.  I'd like to continue if able, but only have 2 wheel drive, so will play it by ear.
I'm also looking at another site, but no details at this time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

64th and Simms (Super Tee's) ending

Due to new sign restrictions and other Arvada rules that went into effect this year, these vaccine clinics will no longer happen here.  I'll be trying to find somewhere close but not within the new rule structure.  The owner of Super Tee's was going to be fined for me helping people, go figure.  Anyhow, sorry to disappoint anyone, but I'll also put this in the yourhub if  I'm able.